A collaboration of shared values – less frills, less waste, and more of what matters. Enjoy our original cubes when staying at The Pilgrm. 

aárd x the pilgrm

The soap cube your holding in your hand is 100% natural and multi-purpose that you can use for washing your body, face and hair with. Learn how to use it for hair and skin.

Inspired by the public bathing houses found across the Middle East, the main ingredients include laurel berry oil and olive oil harvested from plantations around Antakya, Turkey. The result is a gentle and moisturising all-over wash.

Time to leave? Take the soap with you in its cotton pouch and use at home until finished.

4.000 years of history

Derived from the oldest soap production techniques in the world, our cubes and craft originate from Aleppo, Syria, and in collaboration with a sixth-generation soapmaker named Fouad.

Since 1848, Fouad's family have been making traditional olive and laurel soap. For many years, the traditional soap was being made from their factory in Aleppo, up until the war hit Syria in 2012. The family then moved their factory to a city just across the Syrian border, to the Turkish city of Antakya. Here, they are up until this day, continuing with the family tradition. Read the full story here.

about us

A counter-reaction to the beauty industry’s “more is more” approach. Aárd was created with the intention to be a new kind of beauty routine—fewer products, less bullshit and an ingredients list you can actually understand.