Hi! We're the faces behind Aárd

The idea of Aárd first saw the light of day in the spring of 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden.

During a gray February afternoon, we, Pauline Norden and Martina Carlson, once again found ourselves talking about our by now longtime frustration – the beauty industry. Why is it, we thought, that beauty routines are so complicated and that we are made to believe that this routine should include a myriad of different products?

Not only is this routine complicated and expensive, it is also harming ourselves and the very planet we live on. Does taking good care of yourself have to come at the expense to yourself, or the environment? We didn't think so.

The journey

From here, our journey and search for natural and simple beauty products began. Products with a rich heritage and a story to tell.

The result is a multi-use philosophy, kind to both you and the planet. Fewer products, fewer ingredients and less plastic

Welcome to our world. We hope you will enjoy it. 

Pauline & Martina