Hair Infusions

New! Made of nature’s best to detangle and boost your hair or soothe scalp that is dry or irritated.

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Founded with the intention to create a better understanding of what we put on our bodies, Aárd is a multi-purpose soap cubes and hair infusions to use for your body, face and hair.

How it works

Gone are the days when you needed one cleanser for each part of our body. Discover the simplicity of using one soap cube for your body, face and hair.

Use the cubes for washing your whole body. Extra good for dry and sensitive skin.

No harsh chemicals and natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, makes for an optimal facial cleanser.

A foamy and natural alternative to the conventional products on your shelf. End with a hair infusion for some extra boost.

what's in it

Based on a 4,000 year old recipe, our cubes contain no artificial chemicals, parabens or perfumes. No bad stuff. Just olive oil and laurel berry oil.

The next generation of beauty brands.


My new beauty obsession.

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Soap Cubes

Soap cubes for all skin types. To use for body, face and hair.

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Hair Infusions

Natural hair care remedies to detangle, boost and soothe.

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