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Break free from the perception of what skin- and haircare should look like. We create routines with fewer products, no bad stuff and an ingredients list you can actually understand. Learn more

"The new wave of innovative skincare brands reimagining the $130b industry."

"I love a good old-fashioned soap. This one, with a recipe as sustainable and simple as possible."

"My new beauty obsession. The solid soap is making its comeback."

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Strip back your routines—not your skin and hair. Discover how to do more with less using our multi-purpose soap cubes. See more

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The average conditioner includes 18 ingredients. Ours includes only one. Learn what you can gain using nothing but natural. See more

WOW. Previously I've tried different shampoo bars from Lush - none of them worked for me so I was a bit dubious about trying this one, BUT SO SO GLAD that I did. The difference is amazing.

Keeley | the faithful friend 20%

Really good, my skin went from dry to balanced. The biggest difference has been my hair though, best shampoo ever!

Zakarias Challis | THE EVERYDAY HERO 5%

Easy to use, foams well! Carefully positive that this can work for my sensitive scalp.


Extremely happy with this soap! My skin has become softer and my curly hair is softer and fluffy than with expensive products from the hairdresser!


Really good! My scalp thanks you.

George Bondesson | the guardian angel 40%

Absolutely the best soap I have used! My hair and skin have never felt better.

Amelie Berggren | the faithful friend 20%

The Soapmaker

It all started with a humble soap bar.

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