How to: Hair

Conventional shampoos and conditioners include a long list of ingredients, many of which are bad for the environment and for you. One such ingredient is sulfates.

Sulfates are what makes your shampoo produce its rich lather and it works by stripping your hair and scalp of all dirt, debris and odours. But, it also strips your hair of its natural oils, in the end, drying out your scalp.
To combat this, your scalp increases its oil production making your hair feel greasy, quicker.

When you stop using shampoos and conditioners with strong chemicals, your hair will need some time to adjust. This can take up to a few weeks for some, while for others, less.


Washing your hair with Aárd

1. Start by making your hair properly wet.

2. Work up a good lather with the soap. Either by rubbing your soap directly onto your scalp and hair, or by first rubbing it on to your palm and then massaging the lather into your hair.

3. (Make sure you lather in both your scalp and lengths, as opposed to conventional shampoos).

4. Now, rinse thoroughly until no soap residue is left in your hair. Think double the amount of water as you would use with normal shampoo. If you feel like your hair is still dirty once dried, this is most likely just soap rests that are left lingering in your hair.

5. If you experience your hair feeling a bit rough while rinsing, this is normal. Some people will repeat the washing and rinsing twice to make their hair feel less rough. That’s up to you.

6. Make sure you let your soap dry properly before using it to wash your hair again. Otherwise, it will be harder to wash away all soap residue if your soap is soggy and gel-like.

The alternative conditioner

If you usually end your hair washing routine with adding conditioner to make your hair smoother – 
we’ve got you covered.

After washing your hair with your Aárd cube, which is alkaline in nature, you’ll need to reset your hair's pH-value. Meaning, adding something sour to the rinsing. This can be something like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or hibiscus flower petals.


Mixing and using a sour rinse

1. Mix 2 dl of water together with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a bottle of some kind, and shake.

2. After washing your hair with your Aárd cube, and while your hair is still wet, pour some of the sour solution over your hair and scalp.

3. Let sit for a few minutes before rinsing your hair again with water.

Et voilá. Clean, smooth, silky hair.