Why you should simplify your beauty routine

Why you should simplify your beauty routine

We’ve seen (and felt!) firsthand the impact of today’s beauty standards. We’re made to believe that our beauty routines should include a myriad of different products, each one with an ingredients list longer than the previous one.

That’s why we made it our mission to slim down on the number of products you need, without stripping away the feel-good. We're here to simplify beauty routines, for women and men alike. 

Here are three reasons as to why we think you should do the same.

Understand what is in your products – for real

Choosing natural products gives you a much better idea of the exact ingredients that you're exposing your skin too, and allows you to understand why their good for you and not. 

Formulated with natural ingredients only (olive oil and laurel berry oil), an Aárd cube cleanses your skin without stripping it of its natural oils and protective barrier. 

This formulation of these oils into a solid cube also allows for a higher concentration of these pure, good-for-you ingredients – whilst leaving out drying chemicals, surfactants and preservatives common in many beauty products. 

2. Fewer products, less hassle

We love the word multi-use, and essentially that is really what we're all about. Skip the 20-step routine and enjoy using one product for washing your face, hair and body with. 

Save time, money and headspace by not switching between a dozen of different products.

3. Keep unsustainable waste at a minimum

The majority of beauty products on the market are housed in plastic packages that are either fully or partly unrecyclable. Going simple (and choosing a solid cube) bypasses that problem.

To top things off, sleep tight knowing that no bad chemicals are washed away go on to pollute our water and damage our environment.

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