Aárd was created with the intention to create a better understanding of what you put on your body. Tired of the beauty industry's ideals, Pauline Norden and Martina Carlson, set out to create the beauty routine, and brand, that they themselves were longing for. One where transparency and simplicity trumps complicated beauty jargon and overconsumption.

They found inspiration in the rituals of Hammam, public bathing houses found across the Middle East; the rituals were thoughtful, but the overall use of products was minimalist.

the soapmaker

A few months later, they were introduced to a man named Fouad, a sixth-generation soap-maker based in Turkey. His family has kept the traditions alive of what is known as Aleppo soap since 1848; a traditional recipe and methods dating back more than 4.000 years.

the philosophy

There and then, they knew that this very soap would be the start of the new routine they were looking to create and the philosophy they wanted to inspire others to.
And, a few months later, Aárd was launched.