Let our Guardian Angel help you with that. Laurel berries - of which the laurel berry oil is made of - is a superhero ingredient growing around the Mediterranean Sea. Laurel berry oil has a great deal of nourishing and healing properties for both skin and scalp.The high amount of laurel berry oil gives this cube a great deal of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties ideal for alleviating various skin conditions. The Guardian Angel calms skin or scalp that is red, irritated or flaky.

We often hear that our skin is our biggest organ and something we should take care of. That is why we often remember to put on sunscreen and moisturizers. However we often forget that our scalp is part of that big organ. Not that it necessarily needs any special products but it sure needs some love.

Depending on hair type, after washing your hair with your Aárd cube, your hair might feel a bit coarse. This is due to the cube being alkaline in nature.

If you want a smoother feel, you'll need to reset your hair's pH-value. Meaning, rinsing it with something sour. This can be something like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or hibiscus flower petals. This is called a sour-rinse (a.k.a. a natural conditioner).

Try these tips for your hair;

  • Don’t over wash. Try to go longer in between showers.
  • Massage your scalp while showering. Let it take some time and savor the moment. That will result in increasing the blood flow and soften your scalp. 
  • Be sure to wash out all products used.
  • After drying your hair make sure to add something to moisturize your hair ends, like natural argan oil.